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Kinect object scanning adds some color to Joy Ride

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by Ludwig Kietzmann on Sep 18th 2010 9:33AM

As you would expect, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has expressed an optimistic viewpoint on Kinect’s rarely utilized ability to scan real-world objects and incorporate them into games. At a recent Tokyo Game Show demonstration of Kinect Joy Ride, he revealed a small example of how Microsoft-owned developer BigPark utilizes the motion-sensing camera’s capture capabilities. It’s not quite a scanned skateboard, but it’s enough to spur some color commentary.

Kinect Joy Ride features some minor pre-race vehicle customization options, starting with your car’s color. If you’re dissatisfied with the selection of bold colors in the game, Kinect can take a peek at any item positioned in front of the camera (within a small, on-screen reticle) and transfer its color onto your car. You could apply a dark shade of red (apple), an uplifting purple (GameCube) or a disgusting, sickly white (game journalist arm).

It’s worth noting that this technology is hardly new — you might have used it to capture textures in LittleBigPlanet with a PlayStation Eye — and the implementation is far removed from Kinect’s promotional promises. It’s not even a particularly interesting addition in the case of Joy Ride, but right now it’s in Microsoft’s best interests to shift its conversation with consumers, away from, “What can’t it do?” and onto “What can it do?”

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Starcraft 2 patch 1.1 going live next Tuesday

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by Griffin McElroy on Sep 18th 2010 9:00PM

The balancing overhauls and new features outlined last month for Starcraft 2 will be implemented this coming Tuesday, September 21, when Blizzard updates the successful strategy title to version 1.1. These new features include support for NVIDIA 3D Vision displays, left-handed hotkey options and new map editor functionality. The full list of features and balance changes can be read over on

The patch will go live during a maintenance period starting Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. until 11 a.m. PDT, at which time the game’s online multiplayer modes will be temporarily offline. If you’ve got a score to settle with a distant rival, you probably shouldn’t schedule your grudge match during that downtime.

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These Catherine trailers aren’t getting any less bizarre

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by Griffin McElroy on Sep 18th 2010 7:30PM

If we had our druthers, every trailer for every game would be structured like the promo for Atlus’ Catherine, posted below. There’s character introductions, romantic intrigue, and then a metaphorical examination of the nature of OH NO IT’S A DEMON BABY WITH CHAINSAW HANDS.

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Capcom report says Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will launch by end of March

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by Griffin McElroy on Sep 18th 2010 4:30PM

The “Games Software Sales Forecast” included in Capcom’s latest financial report includes launch windows for a handful of the company’s upcoming titles — the most intriguing of which is Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. According to the report, the game is set to launch sometime during the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year, meaning Capcom’s planning to release it some time between January 1 and March 31, 2011.

Capcom’s no stranger to releasing its blockbusters during the first few months of the year — however, this strategy became riskier with the arrival of this year’s first-quarter “second Christmas.” As such, the report states that Capcom “will further refine our long-term portfolio by deploying major titles in each quarter of the fiscal year.” If only every other game company would be so prudent, we might be able to avoid the crushing load of games we have to wade through during the year’s occasional busy release months. How about it, gaming industry?

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OpenFeint now available on Android

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by David Hinkle on Sep 17th 2010 5:00AM

Today, Android users can access OpenFeint, a social gaming suite which supports cross-platform communication, leaderboards and achievements for supported games. Aurora Feint, the company behind the tech, is currently working to enable cross-platform voice chat and real-time multiplayer sometime later this year.

PocketGamer reports Android users can download several new games supporting the platform right now, including iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad hit, Fruit Ninja, but plans are underway to offer 20 games over the course of the next month. Head past the break for the list of games, including those that are currently available.

Android games supporting OpenFeint right now: Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios)Flick Kick Field Goal (PikPok)Dot (ustwo)MiniSquadron (Supermono)The Moron Test (Distinctive Developments)Tic Tac Toe (Posimotion)Symbolism (ChewSoft)Super Slyder (Sandlot Games)Other games to be added over the next month:
Face Fighter Gold (Appy Entertainment)Touch Racing Nitro (Bravo Game Studios)Cestos 2: Party Time (ChickenBrick Studios)Super KO Boxing 2 (Glu)Mega Jump (Get Set Games)Bomberman Dojo (Hudson)Must.Eat.Birds (Mediatonic)Solipskier (Mikengreg)Flick Kick Football (PikPok)Flick Kick Rugby (PikPok)Kamikaze Race (TastyPlay)Dot Dot (ustwo)

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Watch your back, puppies: Kevin Butler talks up EyePet

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by Griffin McElroy on Sep 17th 2010 2:00AM

Sony faux-spokesman Kevin Butler’s no stranger to talking smack about competitors — though, for the life of us, we never expected him to turn his scornful eye upon infant dogs. Check out the US commercial for EyePet after the jump as we await a rebuttal from the dog people of the world.

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BioShock Infinite propaganda implores your patriotism

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by Ben Gilbert on Sep 16th 2010 3:30PM

What will you say when little Sally asks, “Daddy, what did you do during the Siege of Columbia?” Will you tell her that you stood with your Ultranationalist compatriots against the foreign hordes, or that you rejected your floating paradise in favor of the common man?

BioShock Infinite proposes just such questions with the recent release of a handful of propaganda art pulled directly from Columbia’s walls. Game Informer has them exclusively as part of coverage of the game leading up to the Saturday Evening Post-style cover story in its next issue. We absolutely suggest you check out the pics, but try not to be swayed by the WWII-esque sentiments.

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