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Kinect object scanning adds some color to Joy Ride

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by Ludwig Kietzmann on Sep 18th 2010 9:33AM

As you would expect, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has expressed an optimistic viewpoint on Kinect’s rarely utilized ability to scan real-world objects and incorporate them into games. At a recent Tokyo Game Show demonstration of Kinect Joy Ride, he revealed a small example of how Microsoft-owned developer BigPark utilizes the motion-sensing camera’s capture capabilities. It’s not quite a scanned skateboard, but it’s enough to spur some color commentary.

Kinect Joy Ride features some minor pre-race vehicle customization options, starting with your car’s color. If you’re dissatisfied with the selection of bold colors in the game, Kinect can take a peek at any item positioned in front of the camera (within a small, on-screen reticle) and transfer its color onto your car. You could apply a dark shade of red (apple), an uplifting purple (GameCube) or a disgusting, sickly white (game journalist arm).

It’s worth noting that this technology is hardly new — you might have used it to capture textures in LittleBigPlanet with a PlayStation Eye — and the implementation is far removed from Kinect’s promotional promises. It’s not even a particularly interesting addition in the case of Joy Ride, but right now it’s in Microsoft’s best interests to shift its conversation with consumers, away from, “What can’t it do?” and onto “What can it do?”

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Microsoft Kinect starts making home deliveries to beta testers

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As beta testing programs go, Microsoft’s Kinect venture has been kind of… leaky. No surprises, therefore, that we’ve now received our first in-the-plastic pictures of the motion-tracking camera peripheral, replete with a few select shots of its packaging. Redmond’s promise that hardware was en route to testers was clearly not a hollow one, and we can now probably expect a bunch more unauthorized disclosures about the user experience with what should be final retail units. The outside of the packaging includes a couple of teasers encouraging users to pick up some of those bodacious PDP stands and wall mounts for their Kinect — presumably the start of a tidal wave of Kinect accessories.

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Kinect beta Dashboard update gets leaked as soon as it arrives, hardware kits are ‘being packed’

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By Vlad Savov posted Aug 27th 2010 4:48AM Man, leakers don’t sleep! That hush-hush Kinect beta program is indeed in full effect, and while hardware is en route to giddy testers, the accompanying Xbox 360 Dashboard update has already been distributed — and promptly leaked. Joystiq has a gallery of screenshots from the new interface, including a revamped Avatar editor and some navigational alterations to account for using your body as the controller. We like this just for the humor value, including the note above instructing you to take a break if you get “sore” and the full-page list of prohibitions against talking about or showing the beta program’s interface. Ah well.

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The Kinect Express? On tour near you!

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Microsoft is really trying to show off the Kinect to potential customers before the official release date and you have to give them some type of  credit for that.  They have kicked off the Kinect Experience tour which will be visiting various cities across the U.S.  Got an itching to try out hte device?  Well now you can even if you still end up driving a bit of a distance.  The tour plans on visiting 32 cities so if you’re lucky enough and live near one or have the urge to drive, here’s your chance.

Kinect Experience will offer gamers to test out games such as Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Adventures and of course, Dance Central.  Check out below for the total list of stops and enjoy yourselves.  Seriously, don’t try to steal the thing, you’ll only look like an idiot.  Continue reading

Yes, it’s possible to play Kinect while sitting

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Kinect, Kinect… Microsoft.  How you stay so mysterious with a lot of the Kinect thoughts including the price.  But at least something has been clarified today which had concerned consumers:  Would you be able to play Kinect on your ass?  The answer is, Yes, possibly.

Okay, it has the ability to do so, but it has to be programmed for that.  “Kinect can be used while sitting when an experience is developed with sitting in mind,” a Microsoft representative told  For instance, you can sit while using the dashboard stuff like ESPN, Zune, and so forth.  Sounds hardcore, right?

Apparently, what we’ve seen at E3 was “only the tip of the iceberg” and that there is plenty more to be seen and figured out.  Sounds like Microsoft still has a lot of uncertainty and unknown values about Kinect.


Milo not coming this holiday season

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There is some talk going around lately about the golden “game” for Kinect — Milo.  Rumors are spreading back and forth that the game is simply a tech demo and will never reach retailers while others are claiming that it will be here… at some point.  Considering the reception last year to the E3 video (although clearly edited), it had many people excited.  And yet, a year has passed and no one has seen the virtual boy again.

According to Aaron Greenberg when asked about the status of Milo (rather, Milo & Kate), “Obviously, that’s a tech demo — and technology — that continues to exist, but right now it’s not a game that we’re planning to bring to market”.

Obviously, rage ensued.

But Sam Van Tilburgh of Lionhead Studios tweeted the above picture showing off the Project Milo team, which has about 50 people working on it.  A team that size shouldn’t be simply working on a tech demo.    While Tillburgh couldn’t make any official comments to, Greenberg did release another statement saying, “Project Milo absolutely continues in development at Lionhead Studios, it is just not a product that we plan to bring to market this holiday.”

Sounds like a lot of questionable questions need answered here.  Why we can’t simply just say what it is and what it isn’t without being super mysterious is beyond me.  While it’s future is unsure, with that big of a team working on it and even Molyneux mentioning it last week, one would think it would eventually be released.


Some specs of the Kinect

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Engadget has found some interesting specs about Microsoft’s Kinect device.  Actually, some pretty interesting ones if you were wondering exactly how amazing this device really is or at least could be if it doesn’t get flooded with niche-casual games.  Here are the specs directly from Engadget:

  • Field of view is relatively limited, something we could sense when spending time with Kinect at E3. The unit sees 57 degrees of horizontal and 43 degrees of vertical, with a 27 degree physical tilt to keep you in the action.
  • Depth of view is similarly strict, ranging from 4 feet to 11.5 feet.
  • Skeletal tracking is limited to two active players at a time, as we knew, but the system can at least keep its eye on up to six people at once — like that totally optional pair of backup dancers in Dance Central.
  • Resolution, because we know you were wondering, is detailed as well: 320 x 240, 16-bit at 30 fps (we’re guessing this is the depth camera), 640 x 480, 32-bit color at 30 fps (yeah, this is the color one), and 16-bit audio at 16 kHz.

Also, if you were wondering what came in the box when you purchase a Kinect, has it in their listing (if this is correct, of course):

  • What’s in the Box?
  • Sensor
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Kinect game
  • Manual
  • Wi-Fi Extension Cable