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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Afterthoughts

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Miyamoto and the gang at Nintendo bring us another installment in the Mario franchise.  This time we get a sequel to the extremely popular Super Mario Galaxy which was released in 2007.  You know the funny thing about this?  It is the strange things that inspire Miyamoto to create these games.  It always seems to be based off of some real life event such as exploring the woods and caves when he was a child thus inspiring The Legend of Zelda.  The inspiration for Mario Galaxy came when Miyamoto was trying to figure out a good way to use Mario in a space and galaxy environment.  You know what it was?  A hamster.. a fricken’ hamster.  Continue reading


UFC Undisputed 2010 – Afterthoughts

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I’m quite the UFC fan.  I am one of those people who really never liked boxing at all, but can’t help but love what MMA has to offer.  It’s just much more diverse and unpredictable and dammit it’s enjoyable.  I do believe it’s the next evolution in contact sports and that boxing is dying.  That is why I get so jazzed up for the video game version of this great sport.  You see, over the past ten years or so there were games based off of the UFC and Pride.  Sadly, they weren’t anything to write home about besides PrideFC, which was pretty fun and addicting for its time.  But in the new era of Ultimate Fighting, it was time to give the games a proper treatment. Continue reading

Alan Wake – Afterthoughts

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I must admit, I love horror movies.  The whole genre is just so damn great.  The blood , guts, and usually campy lame stories are all so fun.  However, when it comes to horror games, I’ve always had issues getting into them.  I don’t dislike them at all.  How could I?  It’s horror!  But for some reason it’s a genre that on more occasions then not, I’ll play for a little bit and then put it down.  I guess it could be the movie part of me since I’d rather watch someone play the game and enjoy the aspects that way.  I may need psychological help?  Anyway, there have been a lot of interesting horror games over the years.  We’ve had Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Manhunt, and the lovely ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’.  I understand that these aren’t all about blood and guts, but they usually try to convey the same idea – scaring you.  The thing is, you don’t need a ton of gore to be scary and really it isn’t that scary anymore.  You need atmosphere, which is what Alan Wake brings. Continue reading

Yakuza 3 – Afterthoughts

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There are games that get released that you don’t really hear about.  Perhaps they are suffocated by the release of much bigger games or the advertising was underwhelming.  With Yakuza 3, I’d say both scenarios were the case.  Sega didn’t put a lot of advertising effort into it and it just happened to be released on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII.  Definitely not the best way to get your game exposed.  I was lucky to even notice the game to be honest and the only reason I decided to give it a try was due to the wonderful Active Time Babble podcast.  All I can say is that I’m real glad that I found out about this gem. Continue reading

Nvidia 3D Vision – Afterthoughts

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I was very skeptical when I started hearing about the 3D craze last year.   I didn’t even pay much attention to it because I figured it was just some lame fad like it used to be.  But with 3D getting a major push this year and a lot of hype, it garnered my interest and I really wanted to give it a try.  I’m a tech person, it’s my obligation to and personal OCD to try these things out 🙂  The only problem is 3D TV’s are still making their way to the market and the ones that are there, are a bit high priced.  So I went with Nvidia’s 3D vision setup for my PC.  It saved me a lot of money, plus it would give me a great idea on what to expect because honestly, I had no idea.  But after using this for a week, I am very impressed. Continue reading

God of War III – Afterthoughts

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I will be completely honest; I have never finished the previous God of War games.  Yep, that’s right, I said it. I have not finished the previous games in the series.  Why?  Well, basically they frustrated me!  They aren’t typically my type of game.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the mythological storyline and all the gore is crazy fun.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit through and play them for more than a few hours.  However, I really wanted to give God of War III a real try.  I have no time currently to go through the previous games, so I did what any normal person would – I read up on their stories 🙂  Well, I have just finished up God of War III and here are my afterthoughts. Continue reading

Motorola Droid – Afterthoughts

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I’m not going to turn this into an iPhone vs. Droid debate.  I’ve never used an iPhone.  In fact, I’ve never even seen one outside of the videos and ads.  I know, very sheltered I am.  If that is what you’re interested in then I suggest searching around for the numerous versus articles.  This is just about the Droid baby – just about the Droid.

With that said… Continue reading