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3D Blu-ray on the PS3: it works! (video)

Posted in Tech with tags , , on September 17, 2010 by parasomia

By Tim Stevens posted Sep 17th 2010 9:06AM 3D Blu-ray on the PS3: it works! (video)We’ve been waiting for 3D Blu-ray support to hit the PS3 for a good long while now, and Sony’s been promising it would happen for, well, exactly that same amount of time. Yesterday the company confirmed that the 3D-enabling 3.50 firmware update is less than a week away, dropping on September 21, and here’s proof that it works: a demonstration unit up and running at TGS. Fully animated evidence after the break.

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Video: Xbox 360’s new dashboard, Avatar editor

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , on September 14, 2010 by parasomia

by Richard Mitchell on Sep 14th 2010 8:35AM

We had a peek at the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update back when the Kinect beta began, but the video after the break represents one of the most detailed looks we’ve seen so far. Apart from some aesthetic tweaks — dig that swirly new boot sequence — the interface remains unchanged for the most part. There are a few additions, notably the Kinect setup area in the system options with settings for the sensor, microphone, voice recognition and something called “Kinect tuner.” The new dashboard is also rocking some new sound effects and, good news for theme hoarders, it supports current NXE themes.

The video also shows off the new Avatar editor, which has seen significant visual overhaul, featuring new menus that seem designed to accept Kinect hand gestures. The background music has also been altered and is now — dare we say it — a little more Kondo-esque.

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NES controller pressed into service to Android overlord (video)

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Perhaps the worst, and least repairable, shortcoming of touchscreens is their failure to act as viable game controllers. Keyboard-equipped smartphones alleviate that pain a little (particularly if you pair them with a Game Gripper), but ultimately we’d all prefer real controllers for our real games. Such was clearly the thinking behind the homebrewed setup here, which combines an HTC EVO 4G — with Android and an NES emulator inside — with an Arduino board, a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module, and a classic NES control pad. The result might look like a mess of wires, but who cares when you can rock Super Mario 3 the way Nintendo surely intended?

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Canon develops world’s largest CMOS sensor, shoots 60fps video in moonlight

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Canon succeeds in developing world’s largest CMOS image sensor, with ultra-high sensitivity

TOKYO, August 31, 2010-Canon Inc. announced today that it has successfully developed the world’s largest*1 CMOS image sensor, with a chip size measuring 202 x 205 mm. Because its expanded size enables greater light-gathering capability, the sensor is capable of capturing images in one one-hundredth the amount of light required by a professional-model digital SLR camera.

At 202 x 205 mm, the newly developed CMOS sensor is among the largest chips that can be produced from a 12-inch (300 mm) wafer, and is approximately 40 times the size of Canon’s largest commercial CMOS sensor.*2

In the past, enlarging the size of the sensor resulted in an increase in the amount of time required between the receiving and transmission of data signals, which posed a challenge to achieving high-speed readout. Canon, however, solved this problem through an innovative circuit design, making possible the realization of a massive video-compatible CMOS sensor. Additionally, by ensuring the cleanest of cleanroom environments during the production process, the sensor minimizes image imperfections and dust.

Because the increased size of the new CMOS sensor allows more light to be gathered, it enables shooting in low-light environments. The sensor makes possible the image capture in one one-hundredth the amount of light required by a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor, facilitating the shooting of 60 frame-per-second video with a mere 0.3 lux of illumination.

Potential applications for the new high-sensitivity CMOS sensor include the video recording of stars in the night sky and nocturnal animal behavior.

Through the further development of distinctive CMOS image sensors, Canon will break new ground in the world of new image expression, in the area of still images as well as video.

As of August 27, 2010. Based on a Canon study.The approximately 21.1 megapixel 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor employed in the company’s EOS-1Ds Mark III and EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR cameras.Approximately one-half the brightness of a moonlit night.

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Sonic and Knuckles 3D fan video is all sorts of rad

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by Griffin McElroy on Aug 25th 2010 5:30PM

Before you get your hopes too high, we feel morally compelled to inform you that the video posted after the jump, a purported gameplay clip from Sonic and Knuckles 3D, isn’t culled from any upcoming licensed game. In fact, it’s not even from a fan-made game — rather, it’s just a pre-rendered video from a skilled 3D artist and YouTube user by the username of BlobVanDam.

Spin-dash past the jump if you want to see the Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 that never-will-be. Actually, that’s a pretty defeatist attitude to adopt. We’re sure that someday, in the fullness of time, this delightful vision will be realized. Until then: Sonic 4!

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