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Behind the scenes of Duck Hunt

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College Humor is at it again with another hilarious video game related video.  This time they take us behind the scenes of Duck Hunt and exactly what happens within the workplace before you go and start shooting them ducks.  It’s a great video worth a lot of laughs especially if you were a Duck Hunt fan.

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Foxconn changing the workplace. Apple helping as well

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Recently it was reported about the horrible things going on over at the Foxconn factories in China.  With the mass suicide attempts and downright depressed workers, the news got out, people were pissed, and things got exposed.  Well, in order to save face and to help create a better workplace, Foxconn has now decided to increase workers wages by 20%.  Although this might just be a niche move by Foxconn considering they have been known to do this during certain fiscal quarters.  But they have stated that they also tend to relocate some of the workforce to western parts of China so they can be closer to their families.

Considering Foxconn creates parts that are in tons of electronics that you use and are heavily contracted by companies such as Apple, Dell, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc.  there’s no doubt that they would want to resolve these issues… even if it’s for selfish reasoning.  But if it helps the workers, then that’s good enough.

As a side note, Apple has been rumored to take a big stand on this and start paying Foxconn workers directly.  It’s only a rumor so far, but if it turns out to be true, you would really have to give Apple a ton of credit in doing so.  If they can do it, hopefully others will follow in those footsteps.  And perhaps, other shitty workplaces we’ll also get better treatment whether it be in China, Africa, Australia, Canada, and even the U.S.  Because, personally, I feel a lot of stuff needs to be changed.

Anyway, it’s good to hear that these problems have turned some heads and folks are taking a serious look.


Motorola Droid 2 in the works?

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Well I can’t say it wouldn’t be obviously obvious that Motorola would be working on a successor to the Droid after the success it has had on the Verizon network.  But when we would start hearing about it was another story.  To my surprise, the word is getting out now.

The above picture shows off what could be the keyboard for the Droid 2 (comparison shot).  As you can see, the keyboard would be more refined and easier to feel around as they protrude more and have a dedicated voice key.  Also, the D-Pad is gone which allows for the keys to be bigger.  Cool, huh?

Now to break your heart.  These are only rumors so far and nothing is 100%.  It seems to be one of those “friends of a friend” kind of stories but it could very well be legit according to  As they noticed that the folks over at DroidLife managed to get a hold of a Verizon inventory screenshot that shows the Droid 2 is indeed alive and in the works.  And last but not least, some specs have been thrown out there.  So far it is said that the Droid 2 is out and about for testing reasons, it will use a 3.7 inch screen, and will be about the same size as the current Droid.

That’s a lot of news about the Droid 2 over the past few days.  Again, all rumors but it appears there might be some truth to it.  Is Motorola and Verizon preparing to launch the Droid 2 sooner than most people would expect (like this year?).  Something tells me we’ll know quite soon with the current information floating around.

Sony developing flexible/rollable display

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Interesting and fun news here.  Have you ever seen that movie, Red Planet?  The one with Val Kilmer?  He’s on Mars and he’s using a really interesting display that he rolls out?  You don’t?  Well, I’m sure many people don’t and that’s okay.  Let me tell you it really wasn’t anything special and not worth buying you should totally check it out on Amazon for only $7!! *cough.

Anyway!  Sony has apparently taken the idea to a real-world level as you can see from the video below.  A prototype OLED display that can roll out like a scroll and with full color.  How awesome is that?  While this isn’t the first time this technology has been attempted, this is probably the first time that it’s been done in full color with video proof.  I’m just guessing.  So check out the video below and head over to the source to get the full specs.

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Natal rumored to cost $150

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Edge Online has started throwing around some juicy rumors about Project Natal.  They state that from a trusted source, Natal will cost $149.99 in stand-alone form or bundled with an Xbox 360 Arcade package at $299. They also go on to say that it will be available in October.

Of course, take this as a rumor only because no one knows 100% as of yet.  Seeing that we are only a few weeks away from E3, everything will be made clear by then.  But for the record, this trusted source was also spot on with Gears of War 3 information.  If it’s going to cost that much, it really better produce a lot of thunder.


Alan Wake – Afterthoughts

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I must admit, I love horror movies.  The whole genre is just so damn great.  The blood , guts, and usually campy lame stories are all so fun.  However, when it comes to horror games, I’ve always had issues getting into them.  I don’t dislike them at all.  How could I?  It’s horror!  But for some reason it’s a genre that on more occasions then not, I’ll play for a little bit and then put it down.  I guess it could be the movie part of me since I’d rather watch someone play the game and enjoy the aspects that way.  I may need psychological help?  Anyway, there have been a lot of interesting horror games over the years.  We’ve had Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Manhunt, and the lovely ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’.  I understand that these aren’t all about blood and guts, but they usually try to convey the same idea – scaring you.  The thing is, you don’t need a ton of gore to be scary and really it isn’t that scary anymore.  You need atmosphere, which is what Alan Wake brings. Continue reading

Comcast to offer Extreme 105Mbps tier

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Someone over on the forums received their latest bill from Comcast and noticed something rather interesting.  The bill advertises a new speed tier that Comcast will be offering in June — the Extreme 105.  That’s insanely fast… really insanely fast.  *drools.   Oh, excuse me.

As much awesome as this may seem, the cost for it is not going to be pretty.  It will cost $200 a month for this tier with a required one-time fee of $250 for “Professional” installation.  Because… you know… we’re too dumb to install it ourselves.  You’ll also need an Arris WBM760 modem which one would hope is offered by Comcast.  In the words of Marty McFly: “This is heavy.”

I’m not sure who exactly has the money to pay for this and perhaps down the road the deal will get sweetened.  At first, one could mistaken it for a business plan but it does seem to focus to the residential crowed.  So what would you do with all that extra speed, especially considering that Comcast has that 250GB bandwidth cap per month?  For this price, that cap better be non-existent.