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Voice Actions for Android 2.2

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This is a discussion on Voice Actions for Android 2.2 within the Droid News forums, part of the Droid Forums category; For those of you who don?t know what Voice Actions are, they are a series of spoken commands that let you control your phone and …

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OpenFeint now available on Android

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by David Hinkle on Sep 17th 2010 5:00AM

Today, Android users can access OpenFeint, a social gaming suite which supports cross-platform communication, leaderboards and achievements for supported games. Aurora Feint, the company behind the tech, is currently working to enable cross-platform voice chat and real-time multiplayer sometime later this year.

PocketGamer reports Android users can download several new games supporting the platform right now, including iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad hit, Fruit Ninja, but plans are underway to offer 20 games over the course of the next month. Head past the break for the list of games, including those that are currently available.

Android games supporting OpenFeint right now: Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios)Flick Kick Field Goal (PikPok)Dot (ustwo)MiniSquadron (Supermono)The Moron Test (Distinctive Developments)Tic Tac Toe (Posimotion)Symbolism (ChewSoft)Super Slyder (Sandlot Games)Other games to be added over the next month:
Face Fighter Gold (Appy Entertainment)Touch Racing Nitro (Bravo Game Studios)Cestos 2: Party Time (ChickenBrick Studios)Super KO Boxing 2 (Glu)Mega Jump (Get Set Games)Bomberman Dojo (Hudson)Must.Eat.Birds (Mediatonic)Solipskier (Mikengreg)Flick Kick Football (PikPok)Flick Kick Rugby (PikPok)Kamikaze Race (TastyPlay)Dot Dot (ustwo)

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id Software coming to Android?

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Originally Posted by Droidfish View Post Wolfenstein, because I would eat dog food for the chance to kill nazis

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I remember when Wolfenstein3D was ported to the Mac.

Good times. Good times…

And your Tapatalk is now awesome.

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Entelligence: Will carriers destroy the Android vision?

Posted in Tech with tags , , , , on September 13, 2010 by parasomia

Entelligence is a column by technology strategist and author Michael Gartenberg, a man whose desire for a delicious cup of coffee and a quality New York bagel is dwarfed only by his passion for tech. In these articles, he’ll explore where our industry is and where it’s going — on both micro and macro levels — with the unique wit and insight only he can provide.

It’s an unfortunately familiar phenomena — PC vendors suffering from razor thin margins load their devices with more stickers than a stock car and install gigabytes of useless applications that serve only to take up space and use system resources. Sony was perhaps the most egregious in 2008, offering to remove the offending bloatware for a $50 fee. It’s as if Tony Soprano went into tech — “Pay us and we won’t mess up your computer.”

It’s deja vu all over again for mobile phones. More and more devices I look at are coming installed with applications I don’t want, often popping up messages to try and upsell me on services I have no interest in. Even worse, unlike PCs where offensive applications can be removed or the OS reinstalled cleanly, there’s often nothing that can be done to get rid of unwanted mobile software without arduous work. It’s not limited to Android devices, but it seems that increasingly Android more than other platforms is shipping with the worst mobile bloatware. It’s a bad trend that’s going to lead to consumer backlash and it’s destroying the credibility of Google’s Android vision.

Verizon, Sprint, ATT, T-Mobile are all guilty — just look at the Samsung Galaxy S, which has variants on every US carrier hampered with provider-mandated applications and services that get in the way. Verizon’s Fascinate is perhaps the most amusing, as it replaces Google search with Bing, a choice that’s difficult to undo. In other cases native Google functionality that has gotten better over time has been replaced with inferior carrier services: WiFi hotspot functionality has been removed, and paid navigation services have replaced Google’s excellent — and free — offerings. It’s sad that Android’s open and free ethos has been exploited by carriers and handset vendors as a way to maximize profits, gouge users and diminish the overall Android experience.

If this situation is going to be fixed, two things need to happen. First, users need to demonstrate — loudly and with their wallets — that these practices are not acceptable. Second, Google must take a stand for the end user and insist that parts of Android must be included on every device in order to bear the Google name — and that all carrier installed apps and services are easily and freely able to be removed by users at their discretion.

It’s somewhat ironic that the Nexus One remains a flagship device for the Android platform early nine months after introduction because it’s a shining example of timely updates — it takes advantage of all of Android 2.2 Froyo’s features, something that no other device on the market can claim. Perhaps it’s also time for Google to re-think the Nexus phone path and once again show the market not only what state-of-the-art hardware looks like but also a state-of-the-art software vision as well.

As I’ve stated, Android isn’t the only platform affected here. I’ve seen bloatware problem on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and webOS devices. But we’re at an inflection point that will help determine long term winners and losers, and bloatware may become an issue that acts as a tipping point one way or another. It’s time for carriers to stop offering diminished experiences for the sake of profit or watch users migrate elsewhere.

Michael Gartenberg is a partner at Altimeter Group. His weblog can be found at Contact him at gartenberg AT gmail DOT com. Views expressed here are his own.

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MIT app turns your Android phone into a supercomputer… of sorts

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By Darren Murph posted Sep 6th 2010 5:10PM Oh, sure — a few people have called Google’s Nexus One a “superphone,” but suddenly, that nickname has taken on a whole new level of meaning. A team of talent from MIT has put its head down in order to concoct a new Android application that can come darn close to solving complex computational problems in just a fraction of the time that it’d take a bona fide supercomputer. The goal here is to let researchers and scientists convert to Google’s mobile OS, but if you aren’t falling for that one, it’s also designed to “let engineers perform complicated calculations in the field, and to better control systems for vehicles or robotic systems.” Of course, the models that are hosted on the phone do require a supercomputer to create, but once certain formulas are embedded, the app can then compute approximations in mere seconds rather than hours. Best of all, rbAPPmit is available for download as well speak in the source link below, but we’d probably wait for the (presumably thick) user guide to surface before diving in headfirst.

[Thanks, Alasdair]

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Angry Birds have landed on Android

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This is a discussion on Angry Birds have landed on Android within the Droid News forums, part of the Droid Forums category; One of the best games for iOS has landed with a beta for android. Go get it in the market NOW, searching for “Angry Birds”. …

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ReplyOld Today, 09:07 AM Exclamation Angry Birds have landed on Android

One of the best games for iOS has landed with a beta for android. Go get it in the market NOW, searching for “Angry Birds”. remeber its a beta, but this game ROCKS….

here is a short Video about it


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NES controller pressed into service to Android overlord (video)

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Perhaps the worst, and least repairable, shortcoming of touchscreens is their failure to act as viable game controllers. Keyboard-equipped smartphones alleviate that pain a little (particularly if you pair them with a Game Gripper), but ultimately we’d all prefer real controllers for our real games. Such was clearly the thinking behind the homebrewed setup here, which combines an HTC EVO 4G — with Android and an NES emulator inside — with an Arduino board, a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module, and a classic NES control pad. The result might look like a mess of wires, but who cares when you can rock Super Mario 3 the way Nintendo surely intended?

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