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Interesting notes on psx4droid and FroYo

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So I decided to go against what I wanted to do and root my Droid.  I know, I know, rooting is da bestest zomg.  And I’m sure that’s true, but I just haven’t felt like getting into that scene although it is awfully tempting.  No, I just wanted to do some testing and plan to go back to the official 2.1 firmware.  So what am I using?  Well, I rooted and updated to FroYo (because I couldn’t help but get a sneak peak) and used the program SetCpu to overclock the Droid.  I was very much wanting to see how big of a difference that would make in how psx4droid performed. Continue reading


A change of seasons amongst other things

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So I’ve come to the realization that writing news stories everyday isn’t what I originally set out to do.  Sure, it’s fun and I enjoyed the learning process of seeking out certain pieces and figuring out what I wanted.  In a way, I consider that experience for possible future jobs, perhaps?  But who knows about that right now.  The thing is, I plan on keeping those news pieces on here and having them act as an archive for possible samples, but I think I want to change the blog up a bit.

You can find news stories at any major site and I will list them below.  There are so many places to find that stuff that I really think this blog would be more beneficial in regards to being more simple.  You know, writing random articles about fun stuff with tech which I have severely got away from.  When life becomes so busy and there is so much to figure out, you just have to chillax and focus properly.  To me, this blog would just be better if it wasn’t such a news repeater compared to the original content.  Of course, original content tends to take longer to write and there wouldn’t be as much content per week, but it would be more interesting.  So, with that said, I plan on going that route.  A change of seasons as they say.  Now if only this Summer heat would change into a nice cool Fall 😉  But seriously, I’m glad that this blog has seen some major traffic spikes over the last few months and I hope I can turn it into something more interesting.  Hell, I should also create a whole new blog all together about living, huh?  Living is a good thing and we tend to forget to do so.

Anyway, if you’re a gamer then you know where to look. However, if you don’t really keep up with the news or know where to check them out then have a looksie below:

That should be quite efficient in finding all the news stories you could really want in terms of gaming and technology.  Now this is far from a goodbye, it’s just a change.

PSOne emulator now available on Android

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Things are going rather happy in the land of Android and they just got a tad bit better.  Awhile ago it was said that a few awesome folks decided to go ahead and work on some big Android projects such as VLC and a PlayStation One emulator (and possibly an N64 one).  Well, that time has finally come and we have our first PSOne emulator which is simply titled, psx4droid.  Simple, yet oh so powerful.  You can find it on the Market right now and play your favorite games of better days gone by.  Of course, it is still in the early process and depending on how powerful your Android device is will vary the results.  I ran this on my stock 2.1 Motorola Droid phone and although not near perfect, still found it to be playable.  I may root it soon to get access to some fun overclocking power.  I wonder how well it’ll run on 2.2?

Anyway, there are quite a few options and control can be tuned to mapping out the keyboard or using an onscreen button overlay.  While I did find a lot of jittery music and it wasn’t all full speed for me, I’m hearing others have had good results.  Remember, it is early in design so it’ll get better as it continues.  Who would have ever thought twelve years ago that we would be enjoying those astonishing PSX games on our phones?!  Awesome.

Since the program includes the ability to take screenshots I have decided to take a few from two games that I’ve tested.  These would be Final Fantasy VIII (hey, everyone is going to do VII, so let’s be different) and Parasite Eve.  I think these games are a bit more intensive in terms of graphics and audio so that could be a reason why it was a bit slow, not to mention a stock Droid.  Obviously, certain games will perform better than others and some games may not even work yet (I had trouble with Metal Gear Solid).  But no worries because again, it will get better with time.

Enjoy the Screens!

Pirate ISP – Bringing the fun and discretion that you seek

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Oh those lovable Swedes and their fun loving pirate parties.  Earlier this month, it was stated that the Pirate Party would begin to host The Pirate Bay while using fun loving immunity to allow the site to run from within the Swedish Parliament (Torrent lovers cheer).  This was rather bold of them considering The Pirate Bay had run into all sorts of issues over the past year or two.  The Pirate Party is all about promoting privacy, which is actually very cool.

They haven’t stopped there, however.

They are currently in the process of creating and beta testing their own ISP dubbed, Pirate ISP.  This service will bring their ideas on what an ISP and freedom in this technological age should be… according to them.  We’re talking about no traffic monitoring and no user logs.  All kinds of fun stuff for the freedom of the Internet!  Basically, do what you want.  And how can one argue with that?  Sure, controversy will occur and many government officials will attempt to shut this idea down, but damn don’t you just love people fighting back?  Perhaps, we should all be more willing to do so.


The possibilities of DLC (hopefully not)

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I’m noticing this slight trend lately which is a bit… disturbing.  Granted, it’s a tiny thing but I question whether it might expand much more in the future.  This trend of course is the use of downloadable content (DLC).  Wait a second…there is nothing wrong with DLC and it can offer gamers a lot more fulfillment and variety in their favorite titles.  But what if it were used for more, shall we say, evil ways? Continue reading

Droid 2 launching as soon as August 12, embraces Star Wars roots with R2-D2 edition

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“Ready to have your mind blown? Good, then sit down for a moment: we’re hearing from a trusted source that the thoroughly-leaked Motorola Droid 2 for Verizon will be launching on August 12 — although it seems to be something of a soft launch, because marketing efforts aren’t scheduled to kick in until a week and a half later on the 23rd. What’s even more interesting, though, is that there’ll be a Star Wars edition of the phone launching with a white R2-D2 on the back.”

Verizon ditching Unlimited data plan?

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Not the greatest of news you’d like to wake up to if you’re a techy kind of person.  Lately, there has been a lot of talk about limiting data (bandwidth) usage when it comes to the cellular market.  AT&T recently did it and while we all had a laugh at those poor folks, we now face similar and unfortunate changes.  It appears that Verizon is following this model as well with a limited data plan for smartphone users.  This is apparently supposed to kick in on July 29, but details are a bit sketchy at the moment.  If it follows the route of AT&T you can expect to be paying either a $25 monthly fee for 2GB, or a $15 monthly fee for 200MB.  Neither sound extremely satisfying especially when it cost $30 a month now for unlimited.  The way of the future?  Caps and restrictions?  I’d rather live in the past, my friends.

Here is the problem with this.  You’re giving us phones that are able to do so many different and fun things such as streaming videos (YouTube, Netflix) and all types of Audio services (Pandora, Online Radio, Sirius) and then surf the ever expanding data in web pages.  Not to mention all of the downloads from the market places and regular usage (I, personally, enjoy downloading podcasts to my phone).  If you’re a constant user of these services, a 2GB cap simply won’t suffice.  Why are we wanting to limit data plans when there is so much more content being offered?  Don’t forget, more bandwidth needing to be used to access even the more simplistic things.  I’m sure they have their reasons though, if this does happen, no matter how lame the reasons may be.  It’s just not good.