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AVGN’s new vid – Action 52

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The Angry Video Game Nerd has posted his latest video of awesomness.  This time the nerd tackles the not-so-classic NES game, Action 52.  What was so special about Action 52?  For starters, it cost $200 and included 52 games!  Hey, that was some good stuff being a kid back then.  Unfortunately, the whole thing was garbage as you’ll see by watching the nerds new video.  It’s a long one this time running around 26 minutes, but completely worth it.  So grab some food, a Rolling Rock, and sit back and enjoy!

Check it out here!

Also, please take some time to check out his other projects over at  The guy does a lot of entertaining stuff!  Rock on James, Rock on.


UFC Undisputed 2010 Demo – Impressions

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While UFC Undisputed 2010 is scheduled to hit shelves on May 25th, the big time fans just couldn’t wait to get a little taste of what was to come.  Enter the demo.  But it wouldn’t be a UFC Undisputed demo without a bit of controversy, now would it?  The demo doesn’t officially hit till next week, but if you are a registered user at the UFC Undisputed community website, then you received special access to the demo last night.  After a ton of fan abuse, a lot of confusion from the folks at THQ, and some overloading of servers, the demo codes were finally released for all registered users to enjoy. Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops

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That’s all we really have right now – a name and a date.  But it seems that the site for the next Call of Duty game went up just a tad bit early.  There really isn’t anything on it besides the official name and a date.  The name is Call of Duty: Black Ops and appears that it will be released on November 9th of this year.  This installment is from Activisions other COD developer, Treyarch (Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 5).  There is a lot of speculation on where the Call of Duty franchise will be heading, specifically Vietnam.  Does Black Ops sound like a Vietnam styled Call of Duty?  Time will tell… very shortly as Gametrailers TV will be showing off the first footage later tonight.  Stay tuned!

Official Website

Skyfire 2.0 (beta) offers partial Flash support for Android

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Tired of waiting for Flash support for your android based system?  Skyfire has the solution… kinda.

Skyfire is a web browser available for Android.  I know, there are plenty of web browsers available for Android already, but Skyfire does try to do something the others don’t – offer Flash support.  Check out the video:

Don’t get overly excited however, as Skyfire’s Flash support is really only limited to videos.  Don’t expect to be playing Super Mario Crossover on your phone just yet.  The web browsing itself is pretty smooth and most things work as stated.  It is a beta, and I did have a few moments where it just shutdown on me and loading seems to take a bit, but these things happen in beta.  While it isn’t the perfect Flash solution (we’re just going to have to wait until Adobe gets it together), it is a nice solution for the moment.  Watching videos on websites that weren’t possible before due to Flash implementation is pretty cool.  So don’t be afraid to give it a try.

It’s a free app currently and you can easily find it on the marketplace.  Enjoy!


Anyone need a script?

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So for a final project for one of my classes, we had to create our own Virtual Basic Script (VBS). The project was to create a script that would be good in a networking environment.    This was a tougher class for me as I’m just not good with the whole programming/scripting thing.  But, through pain and punishment and a ton of reading, I managed to create a script that I haven’t quite seen lying around. Continue reading

Activision nabs Bungie with a 10 year deal

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We all know that Bungie left Microsoft Game Studios in 2007 due to the fact that they wanted to be more of an independent developer.  This is why this news come as a bit strange.  Apparently, Bungie has signed up for a ten year agreement with Activision to publish games.  Activision will receieve  the rights to publish all new games that Bungie creates.  These games can be published on any platform as well, so expect to see Bungie bombarded on all systems – we know how Activision likes to do it.

With all the hardship going on between Activision and Infinity Ward recently, it’s surprising that a developer such as Bungie would want to partner up with Activision.  But there is a catch, the agreement states that Activision only has the rights to publish Bungie’s new games, but Bungie will retain ownership of it’s intellectual property.  Unlike Infinity Ward which had no rights over what they created.  Don’t expect to see Halo on other systems, however, as this deal is for new properties  and Microsoft has the rights to Halo once Bungie fnishes up Reach.

Bungie is a pretty clever developer.  It’s a bit surprising after they wanted to be more independent and decide to sign a deal with Activision.  But considering they do retain the rights to their properties, it might not be a bad deal for them after all.  At least we won’t see 900 Halo spin offs.


Net Neutrality – Be Concerned

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Recently, the courts favored Comcast in a battle against the FCC over Net Neutrality.  It came as a blow to many folks, including myself.  The issue was that Comcast was trying to govern how their Internet access should be used concerning Torrents.  Basically, they didn’t like the idea of people accessing and using torrents with their service so they attempted to block it.  The FCC stepped in and told them to knock it off and the court battle ensued.  Comcast won leaving a lot of people wondering what more could come from this.  Well, it is something we might want to pay attention to. Continue reading