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Verizon gives us clues as to LTE network expansion: Yay NFL!

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This is a discussion on Verizon gives us clues as to LTE network expansion: Yay NFL! within the Droid News forums, part of the Droid Forums category; If your a Verizon fan (and I know you are!) and your a football fan (and I hope you are!) then do we have some …

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Verizon won’t sell Windows Phone 7 until 2011

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By Nilay Patel posted Sep 16th 2010 4:36PM Uh, oh, looks like Verizon has indeed distanced itself from Microsoft after the Kin debacle: the carrier confirmed to Bloomberg Businessweek today that it won’t offer any Windows Phone 7 devices at launch this year, instead waiting until 2011 to support the new OS. That certainly ties right in with AT&T’s claims that it’ll be the “premier carrier” for Windows Phone 7 and the flood of Blue-tinted device leaks we’ve seen, but it also leaves Microsoft in a seemingly tough spot to start — we haven’t heard more than the slightest whisper about WP7 devices on Sprint or T-Mobile yet, and until we do it’s going to be the iPhone and WP7 head-to-head on Ma Bell while Android continues to dig in everywhere else. We’ll see — this launch can’t come quickly enough.

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Verizon officially announces Prepaid Data Packages

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This is a discussion on Verizon officially announces Prepaid Data Packages within the Droid News forums, part of the Droid Forums category; Verizon Wireless today announced it will be expanding its portfolio of prepaid offerings to include a new 3G Prepaid data package that lets customers access …

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Net Neutrality… again

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This is just turning into a huge shit storm.  With Google and Verizon teaming up and wanting to create a fake net neutrality and deceive us all.  Damn you Google, you wouldn’t be anywhere where you’re at now if it weren’t for the ideas of the Internet freewill.  I mean, god forbid if something has freewill.  Nope, can’t have that, got to have the god damn corporations regulate everything.  And we know how amazing that works out, don’t we?  Fucking idiots… fucking idiots.

Take away my Internet, you say?  Regulate what should and shouldn’t be allowed?  Keep down any possible future competition?  You fucking douche bags.   Not that what I say matters.  I’m just a little blog here that barely gets written on anymore and perhaps will be regulated by some industry giant because Zomg I badmouthed something.  No, fuck you, I’ll enjoy my Net Neutrality while it is still here.

For now, I’m going to paste an excellent blog writeup from Craig Aaron on the Huffington Post.  Because it’s just very good and speaks volumes of what could be: Continue reading

Verizon ditching Unlimited data plan?

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Not the greatest of news you’d like to wake up to if you’re a techy kind of person.  Lately, there has been a lot of talk about limiting data (bandwidth) usage when it comes to the cellular market.  AT&T recently did it and while we all had a laugh at those poor folks, we now face similar and unfortunate changes.  It appears that Verizon is following this model as well with a limited data plan for smartphone users.  This is apparently supposed to kick in on July 29, but details are a bit sketchy at the moment.  If it follows the route of AT&T you can expect to be paying either a $25 monthly fee for 2GB, or a $15 monthly fee for 200MB.  Neither sound extremely satisfying especially when it cost $30 a month now for unlimited.  The way of the future?  Caps and restrictions?  I’d rather live in the past, my friends.

Here is the problem with this.  You’re giving us phones that are able to do so many different and fun things such as streaming videos (YouTube, Netflix) and all types of Audio services (Pandora, Online Radio, Sirius) and then surf the ever expanding data in web pages.  Not to mention all of the downloads from the market places and regular usage (I, personally, enjoy downloading podcasts to my phone).  If you’re a constant user of these services, a 2GB cap simply won’t suffice.  Why are we wanting to limit data plans when there is so much more content being offered?  Don’t forget, more bandwidth needing to be used to access even the more simplistic things.  I’m sure they have their reasons though, if this does happen, no matter how lame the reasons may be.  It’s just not good.


Droid getting Android 2.2 on July 13?

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Rumors are rumors are rumors are even more rumors.  We’ve been through this before with the anticipation for Android 2.1 so it is difficult to get crazy excited for this.  But, with that said, the rumor going around is that the Motorola Droid is expecting to get Android 2.2 (FroYo) starting July 13.  This information is coming from Droid-Life and their reliable sources.  They’re usually pretty good about it so let the anticipation and excitement overflow your brain.  And, by the way, I feel that this is a much bigger release than 2.1 which makes it more fun to see the rumors.

And just in case anyone is wondering why this might even be legit at all, Droid-Life has a nice little list of reasoning:

  1. We’ve already seen July mentioned in a couple of Verizon systems.
  2. The Droid X arrives 2 days later on the 15th.  What better way to keep your millions of Droid 1 customers happy than by dropping a major OS update on them a few days before a new device takes over the Droid throne.
  3. July 13th is a Tuesday, and if you remember the 2.1 update, Verizon tends to like Tuesdays.
  4. We saw the release of an extremely polished Droid Froyo build (FRF84B) this week which should mean we’re closer than ever.”

Sounds excellent to me!

Froyo (2.2) coming to Droid and Droid X soon?

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According to Droid Forums (highly trustworthy) and if you can believe the above picture, Verizon is planning on giving Android 2.2 to the Droid community soon enough.

According to the plans (and we all know how they get changed quite often), the Motorola Droid is set to receive the 2.2 update at the end of July while the Droid X is set to receive it in August.  Odd that the Droid would get it before the flashy new X?  Not really, the Droid has been around longer and probably has had a lot of programming done to it for the new update.  Hopefully these plans don’t change and all Droid users will have a fine Summer!