Team Ico shows off cleaned-up Ico shots at CEDEC

by JC Fletcher on Sep 3rd 2010 10:10AM

During a presentation at the CESA Developers Conference on Wednesday about the art of animation, Team Ico head Fumito Ueda brought up some shots from Ico as illustrations. Except the images projected don’t look exactly like the PS2 game: the aspect ratio is different, the textures are better, and the character models are sharper — and that’s just what can be picked up from looking at pictures of a projector showing the images. NeoGAF’s Gribbix and SolidSnakex posted direct comparisons between the CEDEC presentation and the PS2 Ico.

With the persistent rumor of a God of War Collection-style remake of Team Ico’s PS2 games, and with TGS around the corner, it’s tempting to take these images as evidence. It seems just as likely, however, that Ueda mocked up nice illustrations of iconic scenes for his presentation. In any case, they’re lovely and can be seen at GAME Watch.

View the original article here


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