Flashboy Plus revives Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, literally one game at a time

By Sean Hollister posted Aug 26th 2010 10:45AM When a beloved console like the Sega Dreamcast rises from the ashes it’s not a huge surprise, but we never thought we’d see the day when the homebrew community would unearth Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Behold: the Flashboy Plus, the second of two flash carts developed specifically to spur development for Nintendo’s original stereoscopic system, featuring a new backup battery (unlike the 2007 original) and a full 16Mbit of memory, reportedly enough to fit any one of the system’s 22 commercially released games. Since the battery only keeps one save state stored at a time and there’s no way to read the battery-backed memory, you’ll still have to finish one game before you start another, but at least this way you don’t lose your progress every time you shut the system off. Believe it or not, the first batch of 50 units has already been spoken for, but you haven’t necessarily missed out yet; €90 (about $113) is your ticket to an elite (read: tiny) virtual utopia of piracy and homebrew when the second set ships at year’s end.

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