Enjoy The Great Outdoors?

No, No, not the movie!  But the general idea of the great outdoors?  You know, getting out from all this technological brain meltdown of constant and non-stop shit being hit over your head repeatedly!  Again and again until you can see your skull and then your brain and you just can’t take it anymore and you want to burn Starcraft 2 or throw shit at Apple and Google because you have just had way too damn much!  It’s all too fast!  It won’t stop!  Never!  Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom… and besides that, half the news just drains our wallets anyway and the rest tends to be depressive.

Go Outside!  Ah, better.

If you’re a fan of just getting out (and we all definitely need it) and you enjoy doing those things such as fishing or camping or hunting or taking huge shits in the woods and ‘tee hee’ing’ over who may or may not step in it or maybe you’ll get revenge on that animal because you stepped in some shit?  I mean, there’s so much to do.. you could even chase bears!  Everyone chases bears.  What about noodling?  You know, where dumbasses wade through some rivers or whatever and stick their hand in a catfish’s mouth and pull it up in hopes that it isn’t some snapping turtle or a dot-matrix printer that has been thrown out 15-years ago *shivers.

Anyway, ramblings and giggle-hearts.  Go visit my brothers blog about the great outdoors.  As he goes out and does magical things and reports on them and tips to catch them big fish (noodling not included) or hit that big buck.  Or… just to do random outdoorsy things.  It’s all good.

Check it out: http://theoutdoorworld.wordpress.com/


One Response to “Enjoy The Great Outdoors?”

  1. Im liking the post buddy, thanks for the plug.

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