And the gaming dry spell comes to an end soon

You know, it’s quite funny.  This whole Summer time thing that happens every year where it is generally a horrid time for gamers, but at the same time it’s a good time.  What I mean by that is the sun is out and if you happen to be in school then you have all that time off to chillax with some friends and just be a kid and enjoy life and make some memorable moments that you WILL fondly look back upon.  At the same time though it is kind of a bitch, eh?

You spend all year in school when all these awesome titles are coming out and there isn’t all the time in the world to play them because you have to go to classes or whatever else.  But then Summer happens and you’re off and ready to play all the games except… there aren’t any.  It’s that funky Summer dry spell but it’s all coming to an end folks.

Not that I personally wish for it to end although Fall is sounding very nice now compared to this constant humidity.  It is great to have those breaks if you’re a gamer, especially a ‘hardcore’ gamer.  And while there were a few treats here and there especially in the form of the completely addictive Starcraft 2, it was a desolate wasteland.  But here we are, getting ready for some big gaming moments for the next few months with big titles such as Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops, NHL 11, Rock Band 3, Metroid: Other M, Dead Rising 2, 3DS, Kinect, and a whole slew of stuff coming at you and don’t forget 3D content in general picking up some steam.  It’s all coming at you, are you ready?

The dry spell has about ended folks and I’m sure a lot of you are ready to jump back in to major gaming.  I really hope though that you have done something productive throughout the Summer.  I’m telling you, it really helps get your mind into a better place and when it’s time to jump into the plethora of gaming heaven that is coming at you, it is going to feel amazing.  Breaks – they are a good thing.  It is true, too much of anything will be rather… distasteful after awhile.

Seriously, while school sucks the life out of you as it may seem and as it may even seem unfair that classes and or work will take up many of your precious gaming hours, at least this trend is always something to look forward to.  Always enjoy that break during the warmer months and do other things as it will only make gaming much more fantastic when it is time to settle in again like a fricken’ bear in Winter.

Not all sure what you guys are looking forward to but I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on NHL 11, Halo: Reach, that damn 3DS, and EA Sports MMA (plus more I’m sure that I just haven’t bothered looking up.  Hell, even Black Ops is looking tasty right now).  So get ready, it’s coming at You!


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