Interesting notes on psx4droid and FroYo

So I decided to go against what I wanted to do and root my Droid.  I know, I know, rooting is da bestest zomg.  And I’m sure that’s true, but I just haven’t felt like getting into that scene although it is awfully tempting.  No, I just wanted to do some testing and plan to go back to the official 2.1 firmware.  So what am I using?  Well, I rooted and updated to FroYo (because I couldn’t help but get a sneak peak) and used the program SetCpu to overclock the Droid.  I was very much wanting to see how big of a difference that would make in how psx4droid performed.

Alright, so first off.. I can’t wait for the official FroYo (2.2).  Depending on how much Verizon and Motorola tinker with it to make it specific to the Droid, the version I am using has a lovely set of 5 screens a for some reason the look just felt nicer.  Obviously it ran smoother overall although it is different considering it isn’t the actual final version for the Droid (please don’t take all the fun out of it Verizon).  Oh, and Flash is really going to make browsing much better.  I even had a nice game of Super Mario Crossover happening 😉  That is pure greatness.  Again, I can’t wait for the official FroYo and hopefully rooting can still be possible because with the official FroYo and all those awesome folks creating custom firmwares, it’s going to be AWESOME.  Considering that FroYo could be the last major update for the Droid since it is on its end of life cycle, I feel that will be the time I really get into the rooting scene.  For now, I’ll go back and patiently wait.

Alright, enough babble shit!  How did psx4droid perform?  Well, I set the overclocking to do a maximum of 1000MHz (it is originally set to 550MHz… yes, a huge difference in speed).  I made sure the minimum was set to 900MHz.  Scary?  Nah, I just wanted to make sure it was going to run at high speeds no matter what.  Using the same games as the previous chance (Final Fantasy VIII and Parasite Eve) I can honestly tell you that it made a huge difference.  The folks behind this emulator are completely on to something and I can’t wait to see how much more they go with it with all the tweaking and ironing out stuff.  Parasite Eve was noticeably better as I felt that the in-game sections ran at full speed and the sound, while still jittery, wasn’t near as bad as before.  It was highly playable and honestly, I don’t think there would be any problems playing through the entire game.  As for Final Fantasy VIII — similar results.  While I still noticed some slowness in-game, the overall performance was better.  Sound still jittery, of course, and I don’t know if I would play this right now the entire way through.  Just know that it was a big performance upgrade over the previous try.

In conclusion:  Sure, it isn’t perfect yet and a lot of you won’t root just to be able to overclock.  But you know what I say?  It can be done on the PSP to near perfection, I’m sure after time, it will be done on Android to near perfection.  Even if your CPU speeds aren’t blazing fast.  Time will tell and time it will need, but be patient and be ready for, in my opinion, one of those modern amazing achievements.  I know we’re all used to this kind of stuff, but trust me, it is amazing to accomplish something like this.  Who would have thought you’d be playing PSX games on a fricken phone?  Truly a wonderful world we live in, sometimes… at least on the tech level.  The rest tends to suck.

I may just have to go try out the ScummVM scene next because playing Sam n’ Max and Full Throttle on my Droid would be heaven sent.  Oh LucasArt’s, where art thou freshness gone?


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