A change of seasons amongst other things

So I’ve come to the realization that writing news stories everyday isn’t what I originally set out to do.  Sure, it’s fun and I enjoyed the learning process of seeking out certain pieces and figuring out what I wanted.  In a way, I consider that experience for possible future jobs, perhaps?  But who knows about that right now.  The thing is, I plan on keeping those news pieces on here and having them act as an archive for possible samples, but I think I want to change the blog up a bit.

You can find news stories at any major site and I will list them below.  There are so many places to find that stuff that I really think this blog would be more beneficial in regards to being more simple.  You know, writing random articles about fun stuff with tech which I have severely got away from.  When life becomes so busy and there is so much to figure out, you just have to chillax and focus properly.  To me, this blog would just be better if it wasn’t such a news repeater compared to the original content.  Of course, original content tends to take longer to write and there wouldn’t be as much content per week, but it would be more interesting.  So, with that said, I plan on going that route.  A change of seasons as they say.  Now if only this Summer heat would change into a nice cool Fall 😉  But seriously, I’m glad that this blog has seen some major traffic spikes over the last few months and I hope I can turn it into something more interesting.  Hell, I should also create a whole new blog all together about living, huh?  Living is a good thing and we tend to forget to do so.

Anyway, if you’re a gamer then you know where to look. However, if you don’t really keep up with the news or know where to check them out then have a looksie below:







That should be quite efficient in finding all the news stories you could really want in terms of gaming and technology.  Now this is far from a goodbye, it’s just a change.


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