PSOne emulator now available on Android

Things are going rather happy in the land of Android and they just got a tad bit better.  Awhile ago it was said that a few awesome folks decided to go ahead and work on some big Android projects such as VLC and a PlayStation One emulator (and possibly an N64 one).  Well, that time has finally come and we have our first PSOne emulator which is simply titled, psx4droid.  Simple, yet oh so powerful.  You can find it on the Market right now and play your favorite games of better days gone by.  Of course, it is still in the early process and depending on how powerful your Android device is will vary the results.  I ran this on my stock 2.1 Motorola Droid phone and although not near perfect, still found it to be playable.  I may root it soon to get access to some fun overclocking power.  I wonder how well it’ll run on 2.2?

Anyway, there are quite a few options and control can be tuned to mapping out the keyboard or using an onscreen button overlay.  While I did find a lot of jittery music and it wasn’t all full speed for me, I’m hearing others have had good results.  Remember, it is early in design so it’ll get better as it continues.  Who would have ever thought twelve years ago that we would be enjoying those astonishing PSX games on our phones?!  Awesome.

Since the program includes the ability to take screenshots I have decided to take a few from two games that I’ve tested.  These would be Final Fantasy VIII (hey, everyone is going to do VII, so let’s be different) and Parasite Eve.  I think these games are a bit more intensive in terms of graphics and audio so that could be a reason why it was a bit slow, not to mention a stock Droid.  Obviously, certain games will perform better than others and some games may not even work yet (I had trouble with Metal Gear Solid).  But no worries because again, it will get better with time.

Enjoy the Screens!


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