Pirate ISP – Bringing the fun and discretion that you seek

Oh those lovable Swedes and their fun loving pirate parties.  Earlier this month, it was stated that the Pirate Party would begin to host The Pirate Bay while using fun loving immunity to allow the site to run from within the Swedish Parliament (Torrent lovers cheer).  This was rather bold of them considering The Pirate Bay had run into all sorts of issues over the past year or two.  The Pirate Party is all about promoting privacy, which is actually very cool.

They haven’t stopped there, however.

They are currently in the process of creating and beta testing their own ISP dubbed, Pirate ISP.  This service will bring their ideas on what an ISP and freedom in this technological age should be… according to them.  We’re talking about no traffic monitoring and no user logs.  All kinds of fun stuff for the freedom of the Internet!  Basically, do what you want.  And how can one argue with that?  Sure, controversy will occur and many government officials will attempt to shut this idea down, but damn don’t you just love people fighting back?  Perhaps, we should all be more willing to do so.



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