Verizon ditching Unlimited data plan?

Not the greatest of news you’d like to wake up to if you’re a techy kind of person.  Lately, there has been a lot of talk about limiting data (bandwidth) usage when it comes to the cellular market.  AT&T recently did it and while we all had a laugh at those poor folks, we now face similar and unfortunate changes.  It appears that Verizon is following this model as well with a limited data plan for smartphone users.  This is apparently supposed to kick in on July 29, but details are a bit sketchy at the moment.  If it follows the route of AT&T you can expect to be paying either a $25 monthly fee for 2GB, or a $15 monthly fee for 200MB.  Neither sound extremely satisfying especially when it cost $30 a month now for unlimited.  The way of the future?  Caps and restrictions?  I’d rather live in the past, my friends.

Here is the problem with this.  You’re giving us phones that are able to do so many different and fun things such as streaming videos (YouTube, Netflix) and all types of Audio services (Pandora, Online Radio, Sirius) and then surf the ever expanding data in web pages.  Not to mention all of the downloads from the market places and regular usage (I, personally, enjoy downloading podcasts to my phone).  If you’re a constant user of these services, a 2GB cap simply won’t suffice.  Why are we wanting to limit data plans when there is so much more content being offered?  Don’t forget, more bandwidth needing to be used to access even the more simplistic things.  I’m sure they have their reasons though, if this does happen, no matter how lame the reasons may be.  It’s just not good.



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