Dried up Summers? Good!

It’s Summer, the heat is crazy and it tends to get a bit annoying staying outside constantly, although you are loving your unintentional sun tan.  But if you’re a gamer or anything resembling that, then you might find yourself a bit bothered and bored.  There is usually a severe lack of gaming goodness throughout the Summer, but it really isn’t all that bad.  As gamers, we get branded with not wanting to leave the comfort of our homes because we’re afraid of the sunlight.  This just isn’t true, its just those games are so damn fresh!  And honestly, who wants to go outside when, A: It’s way too damn hot out.  B: It’s way too damn cold out and there’s a foot of snow.  Exactly, although I completely condone going out, enjoying yourself, and doing numerous, various things throughout the week.  However, in the interest of this writing, the lack of games throughout Summer can be a great thing besides pushing folks outside more often.

This is the perfect time to catch up on all those games that were released over the past six months.  That time between Fall and Spring are usually loaded with big titles and it’s simply too hard to give them all the time they need.  But now, why not go back and look through the catalog of games that were released and pick a few to play?  More than likely, you may even find deals on them at various shops including used titles.  Not every great game had the top-notch advertising, look around and you’ll find plenty of gems that you missed over the past year.  Catch up!

Of course, it just isn’t about recent games.  There is the love and joy of retro gaming.  Get those old titles out and enjoy the hell out of them!  Besides collecting, you clearly have them because you enjoy them and if you’re like me, you don’t have much time for them due to the abundance of other games being released.  But now you do.  Retro’ing it is a great way to pass the time on certain days:  You get to play games that you know you love while appreciating this collection that you have (which helps make you feel that it wasn’t a waste of money) and bringing out that grand old nostalgic feeling that makes us feel oh so warm and fuzzy inside.  Enjoy the nostalgia, it’s one of the more interesting feelings that take you to times in your life that should never be buried.

Then again, you could always ditch the whole gaming thing all together.  Blasphemy!  It’s really not.  Take a break and recharge that mind of yours for the onslaught of gaming heaven that will hit you for yet another yearly round after the heat goes away.  It’s really not a bad idea and will only keep that gaming urge strong and fun filled instead of exhausted.  In that time span you could find other things that you want to accomplish.  Ever wanted to play the piano (and coincidentally prepare for Rock Band 3’s new mode) or learn how to be a real hockey sniper, go forth and accomplish!  Enjoy the little things, no matter how trivial some may seem.  But seriously, just because you can score twenty goals or get a near perfect score on perfect in Rock Band doesn’t make it easy in real life.  And the accomplished feeling would be pure awesome.  No, piano is not for pansies and yes, hockey can hurt.

There is always something to do in life whether it be catching up, revisiting better times gone by, or learning new things.  And if you’re still relatively young, go enjoy the time and create a ton of memories.  You’ll look back years later and be thankful you did.  Dried up gaming Summers?  No problem at all.  In fact, it’s probably the best occurrence to happen in tech land.  Enjoy yourselves.  Open up and expand that world.  And when Fall gets here, you’ll be happy and ready to roll again.


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