Android and iPhone users: Are you ready to rumble… in gaming form?

The relentless discussions, bitch slaps, and downright whimsical arguing between Android and iPhone users tends to have no boundaries.  Sometimes you just want to throw them into an Octagon and see who will come out on top (Hint: It probably won’t end with someone throwing their phone at the opponent’s head all bludgeoned like).  Well, the time has come in a not-so-violent style.

Skies of Glory is a nifty aerial dogfight style game which is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms.  More so, the game has some fun multiplayer aspects to it that not only allows you to play against your own kind, but, are you ready for this?  Against your hardware arch nemesis!  That’s right, the game allows cross battle multiplayer for everyone!  That means iPhone users can attempt to lay waste to that pesky Droid user or that Droid user can finally make an iPhone user cry if they don’t lose reception by holding their phone in that certain way… zing!

This is what true multiplayer action dreams are made of.  While it is difficult to code networking for cross platforms and of course, all of the legal and copyright issues, it sure is nice to see it started to happen.  What’s more raging and a true way to settle scores?  To battle your most hated of rivals on that other platform *cough 360 vs. PS3.  Granted, Skies of Glory isn’t the first game to do so as Raging Thunder and Homerun Battle 3D have this option as well, but something tells me that doing some hardcore aerial dogfight style clashes will be quite satisfying.  So go forth all you fanboys, and kick the shit out of each other!



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