50 hour gaming marathon session = Guinness time

A group of six Dutch gamers did something this past weekend that may seem lame to some and extraordinary to others (stop with the gutter thoughts).  This group started out competing against each other by playing Red Dead Redemption but soon found it best to join forces to take on the evil Decepticons… or to break a record for Guinness.

That’s right, these folks played Red Dead for 50 hours straight at an event that took place at  Dixons (Netherlands, of course).  There feverish pursuit not only won them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, they also received a $1300 prize and a Twistdock connector from the sponsors.

I know that there are many folks out there who are going to be displeased by this news as they have their stories of marathon gaming for far longer periods and they have the smell and dirty laundry to prove so.  But the fact is, Guinness was at this event to make everything official along with sponsors and all.  If you want that record for all your WoW playing, set up some fancy event and go get it done.



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