Sony guidelines for 3D – Limiting 1080p

We all love our shiny PlayStaton 3 and its shiny 1080p graphics our happy 1080p 3D televisions… well, for those who have 3D televisions, anyway.  Here is something that might annoy you, but from a technical view, it isn’t a bad idea at all.

Sony’s has set official guidelines for their use of 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3.  This guideline states that during 3D, the resolution for a game should be at 720p.  Don’t get your torches and start forming a mob just yet.  There are good reasons for this.

The fact is if you love 3D the you know that a system has to output the same image twice in order to create the effect.  Doing so tends to kick the systems ass from a technological standpoint.  So attempting to push out two 1080p frames at the same time could cause lackluster performance in our current state of processes and video cards… at least on our home consoles.  Frame rates could drop and then the mob would surely form.  In order for Sony to keep that nice 60-frames in most games, scaling down to two 720p images for 3D will take a lot of load off of the system and be able to perform at a high standard while enjoying 3D content.  When you don’t use 3D content and the game allows for 1080p, you’ll be able to use it.  No harm, No Foul.

For those Blu-ray movie lovers out there, fear not as Sony said that Blu-Ray 3D will still use 1080p while displaying the movie.  Remember folks, movies generally run at 24 frames per second anyway, so this is easily doable.



One Response to “Sony guidelines for 3D – Limiting 1080p”

  1. Guinavere Says:

    Kinnect . . . AWESOME! 3d tv? hmmm who owns one of those? I think it finally happened, we got blue ray, and everyone said ok were good for now. To much new, to fast. We got the droid phones, awsome new game stuff comming out, tv’s (love the vizo), hell even the i pad and nooks, they need to give it a year so people can adjust, then be like look at our kewl new stuff.

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