Brutal Legend 2 not happening

Another sad but true story today.  Recently, Tim Schafer — creator of Brutal Legend and the founder of Double Fine Productions, made mention that the sequel to the metal head action/adventure/RTS game would not be seeing a sequel.  According to Schafer, “Apparently when they said it was a done deal, they meant there was no deal, and we’re done.”

While the game attempted to incorporate different genres to create a unique gameplay experience, the real appeal was the musical approach it took and making the songs apart of the game giving it that heavy metal soul across different eras.  Twas quite magical.  And adding Jack Black didn’t hurt either.  However, the game didn’t impress too well in the reviews and the RTS elements were a bit un-delightful.  However, I think a sequel would have really done well if they kept the great things and ditched the bad things.  Alas, it just isn’t the cards.

Double Fine will, of course, be creating new games with Schafer’s stamp of awesomness.  So there is always that to look forward to.



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