The Expendables goes retro-style promoting

In just about a month, fans of the classic action movies will be in heaven as The Expendables makes its way into theaters nationwide.  Touting itself as return to the 80’s style of action, The Expendables brings a huge cast with the likes of Stallone, Statham, Li, Willis, Rourke, Lundgren and Arnie to smash your brain over and over with pure over-the-top nonsense.  How can it go wrong?  It can’t  – end of story.

As a promotion for the game however, The Expendables official facebook page has an 8-bit retro game for you!  In the style of Contra, you get to rock out and play The Expendables as if it were the 80’s all over again.  Talk about smart promoting, huh?  Classic action movie meets classic action gaming.  In order to be able to play the game, you will need to “Like” it.  But why not “Like” it, it’s going to be fresh.



One Response to “The Expendables goes retro-style promoting”

  1. This is an awesome entry. Lets bring back the 80s, retro games, and ridiculous one liners!

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