Need a parking space? Google Open Spot will help you

Another interesting idea from those loony bins at Google Labs.  Open Spot is a tool that will alert you to… well, open parking spaces.  The application works on Android 2.0 and up and allows you to search for open parking spots.  An idea like this, however, requires others to actually use it.  Basically, users can use the program to mark spots and the color will change from red to yellow as it stays unclaimed.  You’ll also be rewarded with karma points.  So do good!

It’s a nifty idea for sure, but it does require the use of society to care enough to actually do it.  Therein lies the problem, will people actually take the time to do it?  If so, then it is a fantastic idea, if not, then it’s just another example of humans being human!

You can find it on the App Market now for free:

“Open Spot helps you find and share available on-street parking spots near you in real-time while respecting your privacy.  Start using Open Spot and save time looking for parking, save gas, and reduce pollution”



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