Adobe Flash going 3D?

Interesting, yet a slightly puzzling collage of words coming from the Adobe camp.  Apparently, they tend to take the Flash player a step into the 3D direction.  To me, this sounds like an obvious choice and something that can keep pushing Flash ahead of the game.  If done correctly, of course. 3D web content?  3D Flash games?  How can we go wrong?

*insert random complaint from someone about how S3D sucks.

We still have a few months until Adobe unleashes the plans for their 3D future and the product itself is probably still far off, but it should be an interesting wait, especially if it is as mind blowing as they are making it out to be!

“If you are into 3D development for games, augmented reality, or just interactive stuff like Web sites, you just can’t miss the session,” Thibault said.  The session will be held on October 27.  Just in time for cooler weather and ghosts.  Ghosts damn it!  3D ghosts!



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