Telltale wants your imput on Back to the Future

When I first heard that they were going to revisit the Back to the Future franchise in videogame form, I cringed and perhaps shed some rather depressive tears.  But, after reading into it more, I really have to say that I think there is a ton of potential here considering they are taking it into that point & click adventure style of gaming (think new Sam n’ Max).  I also have to say that I’m even more impressed that Telltale is asking for fan imput.

This is a franchise that has a serious cult and fan dedication behind it.  You don’t fuck with Back to the Future!  So, to avoid being lynched, Telltale has asked for our input on certain elements of the series that we’d like to see.  You can participate in a survey which allows you to choose time periods, characters and certain scenarios that you would enjoy seeing in the games.  As a fan, if you’re a fan, of the series then it is your duty to go and do this.  Visit Telltale to take the survey and enjoy being a part of the beautiful creating process.  It’s like creating babies… without the obligatory accident.

In the meantime, I think you all need a little Huey Lewis:



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