Bungie Day gives us some “Deja View”

Look at the date.  It’s July 7th.  Yes, all the good boom booms from the 4th are over, but it is 7-7 which means it is Bungie Day!  And today, Bungie is giving something to the community that all Halo fans Should love.  If you don’t, then why do you exist?

It’s a lovely video from those awesome folks over at Rooster Teeth (*think Blood Gulch Chronicles).  While the main series has been over for quite awhile, our favorite characters still make their appearances here and there in such as this Halo: Reach tease.  Catch up with Sarge and the gang as they go back “home”.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I’m thinking a case of singing ‘memories’ is in order.



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