Netflix gets slightly premium

Ah no, this isn’t about paying for some premium service or anything (at least, I don’t think).  But Netflix is quite the popular service that many have adopted as their favorite rental and streaming service (the death of local video stores, sadly).  But one thing the service has been missing from its instant queue service is time.  Yes, time.  Ever notice how those premium channels like HBO get movies decently quick?  Well, Netflix is looking to join in on the fun and although I doubt this will replace any premium channel, the idea is still great.

Netflix has struck a deal with Relativity Media, a company that does a lot of production and distribution of Hollywood movies.  This deal is meant to bring those movies to the Netflix instant queue service within months of their retail release.  Months, you say?  Yes, months because the usual exclusivity format can last for years.  The line-up isn’t big right now as it will only cover 14 movies this year, but it’s a start and perhaps this will be that obvious snowball effect for Netflix for the future.  Considering its popularity and high subscription numbers, its their battle to lose.



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