Kotick wants it to be a PC world

That crazy bastard, Bobby Kotick — Activision Blizzard CEO, has said that he’d rather there would only be open platform systems such as the PC instead of dedicated videogame consoles.  The reason?  Money, of course.

Kotick had an interview with the Financial Times which he mentioned that at least 60 percent of Xbox Live users are there because of the Call of Duty franchise.  He then goes on and says that Activision just doesn’t see a fair share of that money.

Kotick is usually an ass, but he may have a point.  Call of Duty does have a huge multiplayer following on such services as Xbox Live and PSn and their support for the PC is nice to see considering a lot of developers have left it in support for videogame consoles.

Ah, remember the 90s?  Where PC gaming was where all the fun was to be had?



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