PlayStation Plus information

A lot of people, including myself, were none too happy to hear that Sony would be introducing a Plus service for their Live network.  After all, we enjoy having the ability to try out all the demos and various offerings for free.  And if it was anything like Xbox Live, there would be quite a difference between a free vs. non-free service.  But Sony has went into an interesting route here with the PlayStation Plus and it really isn’t all too bad.

The service will be priced on a three month or yearly basis.  The three month service will cost $17.99 while the one year service will cost $49.99.  If you do buy the one year deal, they are offering three free additional months.  So the price isn’t bad, but what are you getting?  What are the differences?

During each month with PlayStation Plus, you will have access to a certain amount of games that you can play at will.  Consider it renting to a degree.  For example, in the first month you will be able to access Wipeout HD, Age of Zombies, Rally Cross (PSOne Classic), episodes of Qore and even a full game trial of inFamous. You can also receive discounts, exclusive offers on demos/betas/early purchases and automatic downloads.

While the service still seems a little unknown and slightly confusing, according to Sony they do not plan to change anything about the free service.  You will not Need PlayStation Plus to continue enjoying online gaming.  It does seem that Sony has taken this in an interesting direction that is friendly for their consumers.  Let’s see how friendly PSN continues to be in the future.

Check it all out on the PlayStation Blog.


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