Seaman for 3DS? We can hope

Here’s something that I didn’t think of, but I should have considering I highly enjoyed the game back in the day on my beloved Dreamcast.  How cool would it be to have a Seaman game on the 3DS?  It would be bloody amazing!  It would be a perfect fit!  Imagine having those crazy little bastards in 3D swimming  in depth around the screen and flinging shit at you that actually comes out at you as you embarrassingly dodge out of the way only to realize that was foolish.  According to Yoot Saito, it’s possible.

No one is saying this is going to happen 100% (but it would be perfect).  Yoot Saito (designer of the original Seaman) has been tweeting some interesting things as of late.  A fan of the game posed the a question to  Saito on twitter about a version of Seaman for the 3DS.  Saito went on to say something along the lines of not being able to mention any specific details, but that fans of the series should keep hoping for the game.  A typical vague answer, but it does put a little hope in our eyes.  The fan then persisted with excitement over the idea and Saito again responded by mentioning that his development team would work to meet fan’s expectations.

I know this isn’t the most dazzling of answers nor is it telling us anything that confirms anything.  But it’s better than the typical corporate answers that get thrown out there a lot.  Hopefully, this idea comes to fruition because it’s a fantastic marriage.

Bring Back Seaman!  Not the porn kind!



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