Some 3DS info – Release and Price hinted as well as video capabilities

Alright, it’s painfully obvious that I’m extremely hyped for the 3DS (and that’s just funny in its own right considering I haven’t felt compelled to Nintendo in a long time).  The anticipation of waiting for news is a killer and we’re obviously a long way before hearing everything we want.  In the meantime, however, a tiny bit of news has started making the rounds.

First, Reggie has stated that the 3DS will be available to the major markets by March of 2011.  Yea, it isn’t a solid release date by any means and that could mean anything.  Maybe a end of the year release or even March 31st, 2011.  Of course, this depends on their term of ‘major markets’.  Japan and the U.S?  Most likely, but Europe and others aren’t slouches.  So it really is a guessing game on when it could become available to the different markets.  At least we know for sure, according to Reggie, that we’ll have our hands on the 3DS by early next year at the latest.  How about we make sure there is enough supply for the obvious demand?

Oh, and it’s likely that the 3DS won’t sell below the production cost, according to Iwata.  What is the production cost?  Your guess is as good as anybody’s at the moment.  It’s kind of a new technology with the 3D effect being implemented and there seems to be some serious power underneath the hood.  But at the same time, Nintendo isn’t stupid and knows people will only pay so much.  It’s possible that we could see this thing launch for $200 – $250.  I can’t see it being over that though.  I would hope not, at least.

So what about those video capabilities considering the system seems to be showing off some sweet graphics for a portable?  Apparently, Nintendo will be using a PICA200 graphics chip.  The chip is a product from Digital Media Professionals and says that it will push 200MHz with the ability of 15.3 million polygons per second.  What else you ask?  How about 800 million pixels per second, alpha blending, and complete anti-aliasing.  Sounds beautiful.  And just to tease us in a typical manner, check out the video below which shows off the graphical abilities of the chip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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