Android and Me: Hands-on with Droid 2

This isn’t too much of a shock considering all the leaked photos and general information floating around for a few weeks now concerning a Droid 2.  It seems that the folks at Android and Me managed to get a hold of the Droid 2 and have a nice write-up comparing it to the original Droid.  Even a video!  If you can access it…

While the Droid 2 looks nice and all, it doesn’t appear to be a huge overhaul, but more or less an incremental upgrade.  A decent incremental upgrade though.  More power is obvious, but the keyboard has changed (as seen before).  It should arrive with Android 2.2 as well, but really, most of the changes are under the hood and if you already have a Droid, it might not be worth the upgrade.

Check it all out over at Android and Me


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