Lack of E3 coverage – It happens

I’ve had a severe lack of E3 coverage on this blog the past few days.  I started out rather well, but sometimes things just come up.  This could range from your girlfriend/wife/favorite prostitute going into labor, AIDS, or one of those ill-fated zombie infestations.  Thankfully, nothing of the sort came up for me but I did find myself in dire need to get away from things and that’s just what I did.

While I love E3 and the abundance of gaming/tech happiness that comes with it, I just wanted to get out.  The thing is, everyone was covering E3, everyone.  Go to any gaming or tech site and there was most likely some form of E3 coverage – great E3 coverage!  So I sat here and I thought, I’m not at the show floor, I can’t offer any inside news or hands-on impressions.  I was simply following what I could and rephrasing it.  It wasn’t really needed though while that break was needed.   Not only that, but my latest class is a bit of a pain for me and obviously that needed attention as well.  I did manage to keep up with the news though through my phone and I have to say that I expected a tad bit more from E3.  It seemed like it had a lot of momentum going into it, but failed to really pull off a lot of awe-inspiring moments… besides a few things of course.

If you were paying attention then I’m sure you can guess what to expect over the next few months.  The push for 3D gaming is definitely moving forward and took a bigger spotlight at E3 than I had anticipated.  This is due to Nintendo’s rather good showing and having the 3DS available for attendees to try.  Word going around is that the device is awesome and the 3D effects work very well.  Personally, this is what I’m most hyped up for.  I love 3D, and this handheld device seems to be doing all the right things including a strong list of titles.  I have never owned a DS, but I’m sure buying this sucker on day one.

The motion control debate was up in the air, however.  I don’t feel that Microsoft performed very well with Kinect.  It needed more substance… more interesting games.  We all kind of figured that it was going to include those little niche games such as Kinect Sports, but to not have much else to really show it off was a huge disappointment.  The technology is wonderful I think and with me being so techy, I may end up buying it on launch to check it out, but I also may just wait to see if they actually plan to appeal to a different audience then those mini-games are suggesting.  With that said, the PlayStation Move might have gained some popularity.  The cost is a tad bit high (as is Kinect’s) and it does resemble the Wii setup way to much, but it does seem to offer true 1:1 movement and the line-up of games shows that Sony is at least trying to appeal to all gamers.  But, again, it wasn’t dazzling and it’s just something to possibly sit back and see what happens, as long as the needy tech-guy in me doesn’t get the best of the situation.

Gaming-wise, there wasn’t a ton of surprises.  I’d say that we already knew most of these games were coming but at least we caught some better looks at them.  I think the surprise here goes to Twisted Metal being announced and the 3DS library of games.   Zelda might be included in that category but there was a lot of rumors around beforehand mentioning that it would be showed off.  So big surprises for gaming?  No.  But the games that most people were anticipating were shown off quite well and I’m sure that hyped people even more.  Seeing Black Ops in action was really nice as well as Gears of War 3.  I simply hate trailers that only depict some type of CGI bits to show off the latest game.  I want REAL footage and in that, I mostly wasn’t disappointed.

I do plan on writing a nice article with thoughts and trailers from E3.  So stay tuned for that soon.  As for the lack of coverage, seriously now, it was everywhere and someday if I manage to get myself into some type of journalistic gateway and manage to live E3… well that my friends will be a whole different story and a whole lot of fun.


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