Kinect adds simple navigation to the dashboard

Kinect may have a lot of potential moving forward.  One of the simplistic but very nice touches in today’s keynote was that Kinect will allow you to easily navigate around the Xbox Dashboard.  While we already knew this, seeing it in real-time action was a treat.

Simple hand gestures or hand movements will allow you to easily navigate all around that dashboard you have set up.  There will also be a personalized Kinect portion which will have all of your favorite Xbox Live experiences that you enjoy accessing such as movies and music.  Another interesting point was the fact that Kinect will utilize its voice recognition feature to also move around or choose items on the dashboard.  From the demo on stage, you simply say “Xbox” and then a command and it will be done.  Really nice and from the on stage demo, it looked integrated very well and there wasn’t even a hiccup in its actions.


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