Microsoft to reveal slim 360? Kinect (Natal) compatible.

Let the rumors start flowing.  Microsoft has been hinting that they have some big surprises for E3 this year so let’s get started with an ad that was spotted on Console Tribe (which has since been taken down).

The Italian ad as seen above, shows off a newer looking 360 which many are considering their slim version.  The ad claims that it will include a 250GB Hard Drive and built in WiFi (finally).  It also mentions compatibility with “Kinect” which seems to be the finalized name for Project Natal.

Compatibility, eh?  That sounds a bit strange but it could have meant that it included Kinect because Natal would naturally be already compatible with all 360 consoles.  So it definitely seems as if Microsoft is going to launch a slim version of the 360 and it also appears that we have a finalized name for the eagerly anticipated Project Natal.



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