Kinect confirmed plus launch titles

Looks like USA Today let the Natal information slip just a tad but early, but we aren’t going to complain, are we?

They have confirmed that Kinect will be the official product name for Project Natal and they have also listed out the full launch line-up of titles.  Although it isn’t mind blowing (I suspect we’ll be seeing a bit more than this), it’s nice to finally see!  So here they are:

-Kinectimals: A virtual pet styled game.  Features over 20 pets which includes lions, tigers, and bears OH MY cheetahs.

– Joyride: This will be the proverbial racing game that we will be air steering.

– Kinect Sports: Perhaps a slight knock-off of Wii Sports, Kinect Sports will offer an assortment of games to play including boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, soccer and even table tennis.

– Kinect Adventures: Not completely sure about this but it sounds like it is a river rafting title with an obstacle course to navigate around?  Although Adventures is plural so I might want to say there will  be a possible assortment like Kinect Sports?

– Dance Central:  MTV Games presents this and as it is blatantly obvious from its title, it will be a dancing game.  Oh Joy, for a minute there I was worried we wouldn’t look completely foolish enough.

More games will be announced at a later time from Disney and LucasArts.



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