Rock Band 3 – Changing the game

There have been some rather intriguing rumors flying around about what Rock Band 3 would do to be able to re-energize the genre and now we have a good idea on what’s planned for the upcoming release.

Rock Band has always been about the social aspect of it.  Having a group of friends around playing different instruments together and just having a good time was an amazing experience.  Rock Band 3 now plans to offer a 7-person setup including 2 guitarists, 3 vocals (harmonies included), the keytar/keyboard, and the drums.  Sound fun?  Oh, it gets better.

They are also now offering a Pro Mode and it will blow your mind or shrivel you into nothingness.  The Pro mode will utilize a guitar with a 102-button layout.  Yes, 102 buttons.  Of course, the normal mode will still be there but it will be interesting to see exactly how well Harmonix can implement this setup.  Also, the drums will have the abilities to use all 3 cymbals as being a separate track giving it much more depth and difficulty to drum playing.  Sounds like all those folks who said, “those games suck they can’t teach you anything”, might have to shove it finally.  I’m not saying that this is going to teach you anything, but with the much more depth experience that they are shooting for, I’m pretty sure you’ll be learning quite a few things now that wasn’t possible in all music-genre games of the past.

There’s a ton more about Rock Band 3 to get very excited about (time to pre-order). has a nice hands-on article that should definitely not be passed up.  Harmonix isn’t sitting back and it sounds like they are going to blow our minds away, all over again.


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