Motorola Shadow and DROID 2 available within months?

An interesting rumor going around at BGR is that Motorola and Verizon plan on releasing the Shadow in July and the DROID 2 in August.  The plans seem to be that the Shadow (which seems to be a version of the Droid that lacks a keyboard) will include “Shadow BLUR and Android 2.1 while the DROID 2 will include Android 2.2.  BGR has been generally good about their sources so I wouldn’t exactly doubt this considering Motorola and Verizon would love to steal some of the thunder away from Apple and the iPhone 4.  It’s definitely possible, but is it too soon?  Hopefully it will be a worthy upgrade.

If what says is true, then we should be in for a treat.  They have learned that the Shadow will use a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (much quicker than the DROID), HDMI out and even HD video recording.  If that is just some possibilities on the Shadow then we can surely expect the DROID 2 to over go some significant increases in power as well.  Hopefully a ton of information will be released over the course of the Summer.


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