Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Afterthoughts

Miyamoto and the gang at Nintendo bring us another installment in the Mario franchise.  This time we get a sequel to the extremely popular Super Mario Galaxy which was released in 2007.  You know the funny thing about this?  It is the strange things that inspire Miyamoto to create these games.  It always seems to be based off of some real life event such as exploring the woods and caves when he was a child thus inspiring The Legend of Zelda.  The inspiration for Mario Galaxy came when Miyamoto was trying to figure out a good way to use Mario in a space and galaxy environment.  You know what it was?  A hamster.. a fricken’ hamster. 


Inspired this:

Crazy, eh?

Anyway, this is the first time that I’ve completely went and played through a Mario game probably since Super Mario 64.  And I realized that my attention span and love for the platform-genre games have worn out.  I just don’t find them terribly interesting anymore which is why at times Super Mario Galaxy 2 felt like a chore.  Which sucks, but it isn’t the games fault.  Being a kid and practically growing up on the Mario and Nintendo craze was great, but I suppose as I’ve grown up my taste in gaming has also grown up.  This isn’t to say that Mario feels to kiddy and can’t appeal to people of all ages, but it no longer works for me.  Nonetheless, I pushed through the game anyway with much verbal abuse and whining along the way.

The game is good, there is no doubt about it.  Not having played much of Galaxy 1 or even remembering much about it, I can’t really say what has been changed around or added.  But if you read around enough you’ll get the general idea that this is more than a quick-cash attempt, that they have really created something more in Galaxy 2.  It is a fun ride through the Mario universe, but it can be a very frustrating ride as well.  I do imagine that a lot of kids are going to want to play this.  Isn’t that one of the main selling points of Mario?  It appeals to all ages, but the kids completely love it.  So did we… when we were kids.  But a fair warning to all parents — this game may drive your kids crazy at certain levels due to its challenging gameplay.  It isn’t a walk in the park by all means.  And I specifically say that for my little niece!

It’s been around 25-years since most of us first got our hands on Mario.  And for me, the appeal has worn off but I can definitely say the Mario magic is still there for the next generation of kids.  It’s still fun, addicting, and entertaining as it has always been.  Yep, 25-years later and it doesn’t feel stale at all.  It’s just not for me anymore.  I suppose that’s a bit sad but with the way the gaming industry it today, we were bound to evolve and move onto other things that intrigue us more.  While I may have bitched and moaned throughout the game, I realize that a lot of that was just me not connecting that interest to the game.  That’s fine though, because as I’ve said, I can still recognize that it is a fantastic game that Mario fans should play even though it tends to be more frustrating than challenging at times.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough.  The game is good and you can read my full review over at


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