Android getting Playstation emulator

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you were out and about somewhere, bored out of your mind when all of a sudden you pull out your Android phone and load up a classic game of Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy?  Hell yea that would be cool!  And soon it will be a reality.

Two rather famous developers known for creating emulators on Android and iPhone systems are coming together to create the best damn Playstation emulator for Android.  Yongzh has been creating emulators for Android already and ZodTTD was famously known for his Playstation emulator on the iPhone.  While there isn’t much information yet, it’s just great news for us Android users anyway.  ZodTDD also mentioned that after they dominate the Playstation part of it, he plans to work on a Nintendo 64 emulator and then a port of VLC (divx support, yes!)

Awesome news and it really shows again that Android is catching on in the popularity contest.



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