Stand up and be heard – Gamers Petition

I’m never one to usually take these online petitions very seriously at all.  But when major sites start discussing it and the problem at hand, well then it’s definitely worth a look.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in California over the argument  of violence in video games.  Although it started out as a way for politicians such as our beloved Schwarzenegger to gather more votes, it appears that the Supreme Court has agreed to listen this time.  They are going to decide if video games should be protected by the first amendment like books, movies, and music.  Or it could go the other way and have them be considered differently.  While I don’t believe something like this will ever pass nor should it, it doesn’t hurt to show the world that us gamers care about our gaming rights and freedom of expression.  So if you have a few moments, head over to and sign up for what may be “the single most important moment for gamers, and the pivotal issue for gaming, in the sector’s history.”


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