Toshiba creates paper-thin LCD

Perhaps this is the direction we are headed.  I recently made a post about Sony’s rollable/flexible LCD screen technology that they were working on.  It was pretty good stuff.  But at SID 2010, Toshiba has also shown off some of their tech power.

It’s a flexible LCD screen that is about 8.4-inch in length and about 0.1mm thick.  The interesting thing here is that you can grab it and say bend it in different ways to get touch-like results.  For instance, if you wanted to zoom in or out of a web browser or Google maps you would bend the display inward or outward depending on the view you wanted.  Technology is pretty fun stuff and it’s always excitign to see what those companies are coming up with and trying to produce next.  Check the video out below to see it in action:



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