Foxconn changing the workplace. Apple helping as well

Recently it was reported about the horrible things going on over at the Foxconn factories in China.  With the mass suicide attempts and downright depressed workers, the news got out, people were pissed, and things got exposed.  Well, in order to save face and to help create a better workplace, Foxconn has now decided to increase workers wages by 20%.  Although this might just be a niche move by Foxconn considering they have been known to do this during certain fiscal quarters.  But they have stated that they also tend to relocate some of the workforce to western parts of China so they can be closer to their families.

Considering Foxconn creates parts that are in tons of electronics that you use and are heavily contracted by companies such as Apple, Dell, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc.  there’s no doubt that they would want to resolve these issues… even if it’s for selfish reasoning.  But if it helps the workers, then that’s good enough.

As a side note, Apple has been rumored to take a big stand on this and start paying Foxconn workers directly.  It’s only a rumor so far, but if it turns out to be true, you would really have to give Apple a ton of credit in doing so.  If they can do it, hopefully others will follow in those footsteps.  And perhaps, other shitty workplaces we’ll also get better treatment whether it be in China, Africa, Australia, Canada, and even the U.S.  Because, personally, I feel a lot of stuff needs to be changed.

Anyway, it’s good to hear that these problems have turned some heads and folks are taking a serious look.



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