Comcast to offer Extreme 105Mbps tier

Someone over on the forums received their latest bill from Comcast and noticed something rather interesting.  The bill advertises a new speed tier that Comcast will be offering in June — the Extreme 105.  That’s insanely fast… really insanely fast.  *drools.   Oh, excuse me.

As much awesome as this may seem, the cost for it is not going to be pretty.  It will cost $200 a month for this tier with a required one-time fee of $250 for “Professional” installation.  Because… you know… we’re too dumb to install it ourselves.  You’ll also need an Arris WBM760 modem which one would hope is offered by Comcast.  In the words of Marty McFly: “This is heavy.”

I’m not sure who exactly has the money to pay for this and perhaps down the road the deal will get sweetened.  At first, one could mistaken it for a business plan but it does seem to focus to the residential crowed.  So what would you do with all that extra speed, especially considering that Comcast has that 250GB bandwidth cap per month?  For this price, that cap better be non-existent.



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