J Allard and Robbie Bach exit Microsoft… to an extent

Well the rumors have been floating around for a bit now and it appears they are true.  J Allard, the father of the Xbox, has decided to depart Microsoft after nineteen years with them.  Rumors were floating around that there was a huge shakeup within the company and Allard wasn’t pleased with the way things were unfolding.  It appears though that he just wants to take time away from it all and put more time into his personal life and interests.  While it isn’t far fetched to think that he could work for another big company, this won’t be the case.  Allard is still involved with the company as an advisor to Steve Ballmer.

Robbie Bach’s name wasn’t mentioned during all these rumors but he has curiously decided to leave the company as well… the same day that Allard has.  He is considering it a retirement of sorts. A retirement at the age of 48?  Lucky guy.

It does sound a bit strange though, but we probably won’t know for sure what happened internally, if anything.  We should definitely be grateful though for J Allard’s idea of the Xbox.  Turned out to be pretty good, eh?



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