Movies available on-demand before DVD/Blu?

Have you ever thought it would be cool if you could watch those awesome movies before they hit DVD and Blu-Ray?  Well, the idea is being looked into.  Apparently, the MPAA has thoguht of thhis idea quite a few times, but due to analog issues, it wasn’t taken too seriously  But now Time Warner has offered an idea about Video On-Demand to big studios such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. are entertaining the idea from Time Warner.

Nothing is set in stone and this may never come to fruition, but the idea is definitely out in the open now.  Don’t get too excited just yet though.  Even if they tried it and perhaps put it on a test run, it’s going to cost you between $20-$30.  Still sound great?  I guess it depends on how soon a movie would be available.  Still, that’s quite a steep price.



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