NHL 11 – First screenshot hints at some features

EA has released its first screenshot of NHL 11 on its official Facebook page.  Me being a huge fan of hockey and the EA NHL franchise (Sadly, 2K dropped the ball for the past couple of years while EA shined) am always waiting to hear what the next iteration is going to bring.  Although there really isn’t much information as of now, the screenshot does show us something interesting — a broken stick.  Ah!  So now we’ll have broken sticks in the game to add to the realism, but I wonder how well this will be pulled off.  The last thing we need are sticks being broken on every 3rd slapshot.  Either way, that feature alone makes me giddy over what to expect from NHL 11.

Other things to note is that captioned under the screenshot, they state “All-New Real-Time Physics Engine in NHL®11”.  If the physics engine gets a major upgrade, this could be one of the best NHL games to ever grace us.  It also looks like the arena graphics might have received a well deserved upgrade.  Hopefully we’ll hear a lot more information out of the EA Sports camp soon.


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