3DS prototype?

It seems that possible images of a prototype board for Nintendo’s new handheld, the 3DS, have been making their way around the Internet today.  They were submitted by Nintendo and Mitsumi to the FCC for filing purposes.  In fact, they were filed back on April 30th but no one really paid much attention to it until recently.  Although it was taken down, there is a screen or two (like the one above) floating around.  Obviously, a prototype isn’t going to be the final design especially considering this looks like a somewhat big motherboard for a handheld device.  It isn’t concrete as to whether or not this is the actual prototype for the 3DS, but there are some things relevant.

The obvious thing here is that this prototype contains two screens — one being a widescreen (fans rejoice).  What’s interesting about that is that the rumors of the screen type being used for the new system.  A 3.4-inch parallax barrier display coming from Sharp.  They are the company that is rumored to be creating the 3D screen for the new handheld and this about matches it.  This device is also dubbed the “CTR”.  While it’s a generic codename as far as we know, it does kind of match the codes that Nintendo has used in the past.  The DSi was referred to as “TWL” and the DSi XL as “UTL”.  The biggest evidence here is that somewhere in the FCC report there is a request from Nintendo that states that this information is not to be made public for 180 days.  That request takes us near the holiday shopping season.  Add it all together and it appears like we have ourselves first prototype images of the 3DS.

I’m sure we’ll hear more very soon especially with its unveiling at E3 next month.



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